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Oct 15, 2010 at 03:57 PM

What's going on with Project "Gateway" and Sybase?


I've just returned from Teched in Berlin where I followed mostly the mobile track of sessions.

I've come away alternately energised and confused. Each topic in its own right is clear, but piecing allthe components together is a different matter.

Has anyone got opinions on the future role of project Gateway? I saw many sessions by Sybase on the SUP and only one which mentioned Gateway. Gateway didn't feature in the mobile strategy slides. However, I have seen material mentioning the future tie-up of the two. If this should happen, then how might they interact? And what future for the co-innovation platform? Can we draw any conclusions on this yet?

The instant value mobile apps session CD161 seems to build on top of the SAP Data Protocol (SDP), but thinking back, they didn't mention Gateway in there at all. And the co-innovation platform session was silent on both Gateway and SDP

So does "Instant Value" equal "Project Gateway"? It can't be since the Sybase guys talk a lot about Instant Value. Are there two interpretations of this term within the organisation?

Just hoping to kick off a general discussion on this subject. All opinions and replies welcome. Especially from insiders...