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Credit Management- active position types


we activated CM a while ago.

Now it has been found out that exposure is not correct due to the fact that some

order position types have not been correctly marked as relevant for credit.

Now, they have been activated (CMPNT- CMPNT) .

However, values do not go into credit management (VBAP-CMPNT - field remains of course empty).

Is there a way to populate the values in the credit structures? Populating values in table alone does not help, also running rfdkli20 program did not result in moving values into credit management.

Any further hints much appreciated.

Thanks + Regards


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1 Answer

  • Oct 15, 2010 at 05:35 PM

    I regret to tell you that there is no standard report to correct the

    old documents. Reports RFDKLI20 and RVKRED77 will not help in this

    case. Report RFDKLI20 updates all sales documents with regard to their

    credit data (credit control area, credit management account, credit

    currency, credit value, risk category) within an 'internal VA02'. That

    is, the system imports the document, changes the credit data and then

    saves it again. However, unfortunately as described in the SAP

    note 546734:

    "Changes in field "Credit funct. active" (CMPNT) from the Customising

    for the item category (Transaction VOV7) are ignored during the

    recreation of the credit data after organisational changes (report

    RFDKLI20). Therefore field CMPNT cannot be affected anymore in existing

    documents. A change of field CMPNT concerns all new documents".

    The only two workarounds I can think of are:

    1. write your own report in order to change VBAP-CMPNT in the old

    documents or

    2. set a reason for rejection in the old document items in order to

    delete its value from FD32 (afterwards, you can create a new item

    in the old document and this new item will not update the open

    credit values since the item category is not credit active any


    I hope this helps.


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    • Hi,

      Thanks for your information.

      With setting the indicator in the table - do you think that would really get that information into the credit management tables as well (s066/ s067)?

      Also, I wonder what happens when credit management is first time activated. There data is "updated" as well. Why is it working there and information is transferred and not in cases when position types are added later on as active?

      Thanks + Regards