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Dec 06, 2016 at 03:35 PM

MDG-S- Vendor : Error Message "Enter Business Partner Id" while saving the Custom fields Data in UI


Dear All

Iam Using MDG 7.0

Our requirement is to extending the Vendor PRA information

Followed the below steps:

Step 1: Created a custom Entity type(ZABC) with some attributes related to Accouting information.

Step 2: Realtions maintained as BP_Header(from-Entity) to ZABC (To-Entity) as Leading. Step 3: SMT Mappings done for source and target structures.

Step 4: Created Custom Configuration for Custom entity type fields and placed in Main UIBB Page level.

While testing the application, if we do not enter any data in Accounting Information Tab, CR Is creating Successfully But, if we enter any data related to Accounting information tab and when we try to click on SAVE button it is giving error message like

"Please enter the field - Business Partner Id"

(Note : All our custom entity fields are taken from this table : /PRA/BP_VEND_MD and it is having the key field as LIFNR. So, we have considered and giving the relation ship from the BP_HEADER to Custom Entity -ZABC as leading relationship)