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Oct 14, 2010 at 07:43 PM

URL with with mastheader in same portal


Hi All,

We have a requirement to show iview of a portal in same portal as url iview (dont ask me why) 😊

(we have a link to one collaboration room

[http://<server>:<port>//irj/portal?NavigationTarget=CollaborationConnector://portal_content/|http://<server>:<port>//irj/portal?NavigationTarget=CollaborationConnector://portal_content/]t) when I preview this link, its coming with portal header (mastheader) which is normal behaviour.

I created a URL iview with this URL and assigned this iview to page and then role.

Now when user logins to portal this url iview showing with two portal headers (mastheader). Because the url is portal url, it will come with header and when i kept this url iview in page and role, actual portal header is coming... combined two headers are coming.

What to do in this case to show only one header???

Note: I can do below things...

1) show url iview in seperate window------ this works but requirement is to show in content area itself

2) remove the mastheader iview from framework page -

in this case no header at all....