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SE16n/SE16: "Database returned the SQL code 260 / 2560" (on S/4HANA 1511 FPS 01)

I'm on a S/4HANA 1511, FPS01 -System (S4CORE 100 0001)

Database System HDB

The situation I experience is this:

When I try to view MARC in SE16 I get a message, telling me

"Database returned the SQL code 260. Error text: invalid column name: ZZMY_FIELD1: line 1 col 2633 (at pos 2632)"

In SE16, I get a Dump CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB. Note the different SQL-Code "2560" there (don't know if that is relevant).

You can see both errors in the Screenshot:

What I did before this error occured is that:

- SE11: Create an append on MARC

- AdT: Create an extend view for NSDM_E_MARC (as described in SAP Note 2242679)

- SE38: Run Report NSDM_PROXY_SUBSTITUTION as discribed in the same note.

(It gave me something along the line of "there's nothing to do")

[Things did not work, so I wanted to roll everything back]

- SE11: delete append (I think I got an error message, but the append was gone

- AdT: delete the extend view.

[It seems to me, that some part of the extend view still exist, beacuse I keept getting dumps in SE16n when interacting (Count, Select) with MARC].

- SE11: Created the append to MARC again.

This brought me to that state in which I am now:

- I can "count" (-> "Number of entries"-Button) sind SE16n + SE16n

- when I select something in SE16n, I get the above mentioned message, then an empty ALV.

- I tried a few things with NSDM_PROXY_SUBSTITUTION, at no point did it actually change the Proxy-Object for MARC: it's still NSDM_E_MARC.

- When I used the (no-display) "create"-Parameter, the log created something (on ABAP-Level, I guess), but it seems it was not able to create anything in the DB.

See screenshots:

- If I run NSDM_PROXY_SUBSTITUTION now, I get either :

"No new DDL necessary for MARC "

or (depending on the "Overwride existing DDL"-parameter)

"ZZ_NSDM_E_MARC_DDL already exists"

Goal: Either get rid of all the appends and extends, or get them working fine!

Any ideas?



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    Dec 06, 2016 at 03:06 PM

    Well, with this (very bold, I guess) move, I got things working again:

    I modified the nsdm_e_marc-DDL, commenting out the last line: "$extension." :


    Then I deleted my append in SE11 and now I seem to have a working MARC back (-> SE16n gives results again)

    I DO know this is not really a sollution, so I'm still hoping for some input/ideas!



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    • Hey Jelena,

      no, I didn't, it was only a sandbox and not that important that I would go through that hassel. (But I do notice now that I DID put some effort into writing that question).

      Well, it's no longer important, so I'll *accept* it :-)
      (Going through some of my old questions..)