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Oct 12, 2010 at 08:35 AM

preventive maintenance plan scheduled in the past


Dear colleagues,

I am facing a situation which I do not really understand 8-/


IP42 create maintenance strategy plan

u2022 Only 1 item with one equipment

u2022 Task list with the following packages:

u2022 3M, 6M, 1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 5Y, 7Y, TY (=10years)

u2022 Scheduling parameters:

u2022 Time u2013 key date

u2022 Call horizont 100%

u2022 Scheduling period 42 DAY

We are running IP30 on a weekly basis (each Sunday), with the following details:

u2022 Intervall for call objects: 42 DAY

u2022 Rescheduling incl.

u2022 Immediate start for all

The following scenario:

Today, I create a maint. plan: 12.10.2010

With the start of cycle date in the past: 01.10.2009 (smaller than today and in the year before)

Save and run IP30 (as described above)

This is what I expect:

The next package should be the 3M package on 01.01.2011 because equipment is active since 1 year and 3 month then.

Due to the fact, that I chose 42 days (=6 weeks) as the scheduling period and interval for call objects, the order should not be called yet because it is > 42 days until 1.1.2011.

So I expect a planned call with basic start date 01.01.2011

But the system creates 1 call item:

1 called service order with basic start: 01.10.2010

Does somebody understand, why the system creates orders in the past?

Thanks a lot for you help.

Best Regards,



background information concerning scheduling parameters:

Reason for the constellation (call horizont=100%, scheduling period/call intervall in ip30=42days):

Only like that, we can make sure that the order is always created about 6 weeks (+/- 4 days) before the service has to take place, independent from the package size. So we cannot use e.g. call horizont=75% -> for 3M package, order would be created about 3 weeks before; for 5 year package, about 1 year before...