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Oct 12, 2010 at 07:33 AM

F5605 Reason codes with automatic charge-off are not permitted here


Hi All

Invoice Posted in USD even though the local currency is INR and hence the Document Currency amount is $ 8,750.

Whereas payment received from the customer is in GBP which GBP 5,500 for this invoice.

I am posting an incoming payment from the customer using F-28. But the difference is partially going to

Exchange Gain/Loss Account defined in OB09 and some portion of the difference is creating an additional

line item to the customer account again.

But what I need is, the entire difference amount should be posted to Exch Gain/Loss Account only instead

of creating additional customer line item.

I know we have to use the reason code for this in the residual clearing tab and give the difference postings.

For this I have created a reason code in OBBE and ticked the check box C (Charge off difference to a separate

GL Account). Also, I have defined the desired Exch Gain/Loss Account against this Reason Code in the

transaction OBXL.

I am entering the difference postings also, still when I am posting the incoming payment in F-28, System is throwing the error F5605 Reason codes with automatic charge-off are not permitted here.


The reason code entered is designed to ensure that the payment difference amount is posted to an account specially set up for this purpose. Postings of this nature usually require additional specifications (e.g. tax code, business area). If the difference stems from a single open item, the necessary specifications can be taken from that item. In the case that led to this error message, however, the difference does not stem soley from one item, which means that this method cannot be used.

System Response

The reason code entered is not accepted.


You can either select a different reason code, which would create a new open item for the customer or vendor OR write off the difference using the function Charge off diff.. This function either takes you into a pre-configured account assignment model or into the document overview. From here you can enter the required difference postings.

I have tried the same thing in the Standard Tab also apart from Residual Items Tab.

Can any one help me in resolving this issue. Are there any configurations to be checked ?



Hi All

Any inputs please ?