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Oct 12, 2010 at 07:25 AM

Bad data in S226 when I use OLIF transaction



I still have got problem with wrong data in infosystem table S226 in productive system.

I cannot find the reason of problem in productive system. There is variance between MB51 and MCRO transactions for one material in two days. The quantity is ok but the value in local currency is wrong on MCRO (S226 table).

Exist some way how I can correct data in table S226?

I try to setup production data to new version using transaction OLIF in our test system. But there is another problem. There are not same data in actual version 000 and my new version when I compare both versions.

Values of semi-finish products are ok, but values of finish products are zero in "Requirement quantity" field.

I think it is because the finish product is configurable material and semi-finish product is not. Am I right or no?

And what can I do?