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Oct 12, 2010 at 06:37 AM

How to proceed with the settings for the Report MCI4 and its updation rule!


Hello PM Gurus!

I need your help regarding the PMIS report.

In our system when we execute MCI4, we were NOT getting expected result; we were getting 0 values for:

-Int. wage costs = 0

-Ext. wage costs = 0

-Internal material = 0

-External Material = 0

-Service = 0

We are in ECC5.0, and checked the config. setting and found that:

1. Cost Element and Value Categories are maintained and setting "Assign Cost Elements to Value Categories" is maintained.

2. Setting "Assign Value Categories to Maintenance Cost Key Figures" was NOT maintained properly; Only Z-Cost Key Figures were assigned to Value Categories. We added new entries to this SPRO setting, so we assigned STANDARD Cost Key Figures to the Value Categories.

After changing this setting we, re-structured the PMCO info-system with Transaction OLI5 and then executed the Transaction OLPM for S061, S062 and S115 info types.

While executing OLPM in development I faced some issues to which I am having little knowledge and needs help and suggestions from you.

In the selection screen of OLPM for the field "Save under version", by default &( was coming and I executed the transaction successfully. But when I run the MCI4 report still the said columns were reading ZERO values.

I again run the Transaction OLPM with the value 000 for the field "Save under version" successfully. And now when I run the MCI4 report I got the columns with the values.

I need your expert guidance on the following Queries:

Q1. How to validate that the values against the respective columns are accurate and includes the correct value.

Q2. How to proceed in the testing and production system, which version is recommended &( or 000.

Q3. Can we update the S061, S062 and S115 again and again! using Transaction OLPM !!

Please help me as this chapter is new to me.

Thanks in anticipation,