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PI (AEX) Version (SP vs SPS)

Hi all,

we upgraded our SAP PI (AEX - Single Java Stack) to NW 7.4 SPS 14. Now I know there's this special behavior regarding the Java Stack SP which is mentioned here (unfortunately not released currently).

So if I understand correctly, we are now on SP 12 with our PI. If I look at https://<host>:<port>/nwa/sysinfo --> Component Info I can confirm that all components are indeed on SP 12.

So now to my specific question: I like to tackle some Integration where we ought to authenticate via OAuth. While there seemed to be some enhancements about that (REST Adapter) in SPS 13 ( I'm not sure ...

  1. ... whether this applies to us at all. Is this some ABAP Only Enhancement? Or is there indeed an SP 13 for AS JAVA that we could deploy (which would contradict note 2210959).
  2. ... which ESR (XI) Content for SAP Basis I should apply. Currently I was being defensive and applied ESR Content for SP 12 only. Would I be allowed to apply Content for SP 13 or SP 14 also?

Many thanks and kind regards


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2 Answers

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    Posted on Dec 07, 2016 at 08:24 AM

    Jens, for "old times sake", here you go:-

    Yes, I can imagine the conversion. It's bad enough that we previously had the 7.4 SP level = 7.31 SP level minus 5. Then SAP comes around and do this SAP Note 2210959 thingy...

    Anyway, if you have applied SPS14 to your 7.4 system, you should get the OAuth bit (that too is limited to SAML and Concur, but that's another looooong story!) I would go with the details listed in Help SAP which shows that it is in SPS13 of 7.4 system (and you are on SPS14).

    So, go ahead and apply ESR content that came with the SPS14 pack. At least from this aspect, don't let the sysinfo details worry you too much

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  • Posted on Dec 29, 2016 at 09:55 AM

    Many thanks Eng Swee, sorry, not to come back here earlier. I didn't receive email notification that there was an answer, nor was it visible in my activity stream... Could of course just be me being too stupid | old fashioned | blind to setup my community account correctly :-)

    So again (as so many times before) thanks for the valuable answer. Let's hope things will get better in the community in 2017. I wish you a happy (western) new year. Cheers


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