Skip to Content missing in HXE 2.0 SP03? / VMWare image crashes on AMD

I have an older AMD test box which successfully ran HXE for HANA 1.0 and 2.0 SP01 but now the installation consistently fails with a long trace on AMD. The same .OVA will expand and install just fine on a Core-i7 laptop so the issue really seems to be the AMD infrastructure. Even with VT emulation turned on in VMWare 15 Player (see here), the issue persists.

I'm assuming that the AMD chipset is missing some key instruction support but cannot find specific docs to that end.

Finally, I'm not able to find the python script which is available on full HANA installs (at least in times past) called ... is that deprecated or just not included with HXE? I don't happen to have system level access to a HANA system to download the script and move it over to this AMD-HXE environment... is there somewhere else to download it (not finding it attached to relevant notes where it's mentioned... it's just assumed it's in the base installl).

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