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Oct 10, 2010 at 02:15 PM

Edit form offline (no SAP system): Get XML Schema from any form/interface



Here's what I'd like to do: I would like to start a form in LiveCycle Designer in SAP environment, download it to file, work offline (no access to SAP system) and upload the form in SAP later.

With XML Schema based interface and form I can do:

1) Take Source of XML Schema-based interface to get XSD

2) Copy (CTRL + C) XML source from form designer to get XDP

3) Start Layout Designer on my PC locally, with File -> New Data Connection load XSD (data source definition) and then paste (CTRL + V) the XDP.

Then I can edit the form and reverse the process to load it in SAP. This works fine.

But how do I do it with ABAP Dictionary-based interface?

I don't know how to get XML Schema. I found that I should open Data View palette menu in form layout, choose Connection Properties -> Next -> Embeded XML Schema -> Finish. However, the Connection Properties entry is always disabled (grey). How can I enable it, or is there some other way to get XML Schema of a form (interface)?