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Oct 10, 2010 at 11:35 AM

eRec - Data Transfer from eRec system to HCM System


Hello All,

Currently am able to do the data transfer from eRec system to HCM system but am finding some inconsistencies here.

In our scenario we are on ehp4 and no XI in place, We are doing via RFC only. Stanalone eRec system

So here are few queries and if someone can address these would be really great and appreciate the help

1) While i do the data transfer activity, when i select activity and don not give the Hiring Date in the Org Assignment Column it throws an error "When transferring data using XI, the hiring date must be specified". But am not using XI, then why should it give this error?

Also is it not possible that i do the data transfer without any hiring date?

Also there are two options Planned and Completed. When i do the data transfer i keep it in planned status and do it it automatically saying that Complete

Is this correct

2)Now when i do the data transfer it is getting appeared in HR system when i execute the PA48 tcode.

Here my queries are

a) Suppose i do a data transfer for a candidate Abc on 10.10.2010 and run the PA48 tcode it appears in the list as hire date 10.10.2010

Now as a recruiter am again doing the data transfer for the same candidate Abc for 11.10.2010 and againg when i see PA48 there is again another entry for the Abc candidate for hiring

Is this correct process. How should these duplicate entries to be avoided. Pls help me

3) Also i case if I want additions infotypes to be transferred in PA48 how should we go for this development

Pls help me in these queries