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Former Member
Oct 08, 2010 at 11:36 PM

Failed to Extract OBServer.DLL from CAB Again


HI all.

SAP B1 2007

I'm a SAP Add-ons Developer since two years ago. Too many times I have been getting this error, and searching on this forum, I found the same error whit others SAP developers but no one answer, only miracles cases where they resolve their problems for lucky.

The first time that I put a note on sap support, they told me that I have to reinstall all or make an upgrade.

That works for me in that time, but now, I got the same error. I upgrade to sp 01 patch 10 and the error is still there.

I donu2019t want to put another SAP note because I donu2019t have 3 months to get a response, I need it now. I have three clients whit this error; please sap guys give a better answer that reinstalls all, because I canu2019t tell that to my clients.

There are other programmers that will be very happy to know the answer for this recurrent problem.

Thanks for your attention and sorry for translation mistakes.