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Vietnam Statutory req: Multiple country COA postings(Reporting) with a single operational COA G/L

Hi Experts,

We have a requirement of Vietnam statutory reporting like this.....

one operational COA G/L need to be posted to multiple country COA G/Ls.

e.g. as below

Operantional COA G/L: 53810015


Country COA G/L (Selling cost): 64180700

Country COA G/L (Admin cost): 64280300

The same way for couple of P&L accounts to be created, but in operational COA we do have only one expense or revenue account these are used across the globe (all company codes).

I have assigned one country COA G/L in Alternative Account No. (ALTKT) field of operational COA. However due to multiple accounts i.e. more than one country COA for a single operational COA G/L, I cannot map it accordingly as we have 1 to 1 mapping of operational COA & country COA.

Could you please propose a solution for this ? we need to disclose the financial statements using this bifurcation of expenses of country COA for Vietnam statutory requirement. please give me the best solution with details. your help is really appreciated.



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2 Answers

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    Mar 05 at 04:28 AM


    I had a similar requirement in couple of my projects, where the same operational GL was used for posting, but for statuory reporting the country chart of accounts was different. In our case, we began a deep dive on how to diffrentiate such posting as you can only assign one alternative account in GL Master transaction (FS00).

    We than identified that there was a unique pattern on which postings could differ. eg, the cost center, IO, WBS Element etc determined what alternative gl account should be populated. What we did than is created a Z Table like this:

    Company Code Cost Center Operational GL WBS Element IO Profit Center Alternative GL

    Based on the combination different alternative accounts were determined for the same operational account.

    I am not saying that this would be the only option, but you could probably give it a shot. I have seen this process used at least in 3-4 global customer projects with single operational CoA used for more than 50+ countries. You will have to identify the right way to build this logic since as far as I am aware there is no other way

    Thanks & Regards

    Sanil Bhandari

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    • Hi Sanil,

      I have created a Z table and maintained Operational COA, country COA, Functional Area combination and developed user exit and assigned in substitution. Also, we have to exclude the field BSEG - LOKKT in SM30 - VWTYGB01. Therefore we succeeded in getting alternative account populated based on functional area.

      Now the problem is, I'm not able to get the financial statement using alternative account no. for the below standard reports as I did not assigned any country COA in operational COA because of multiple entry. Could you please advise on how to get the alternative account no in report when substitution is developed.

      S_ALR_87012284 - Financial Statement

      S_PL0_86000028 - Financial Statement: Actual/Actual Comparison



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    Former Member
    Mar 05 at 04:38 AM

    Try substitution of alternate account using logic which determines which alternate account to be posted. e.g. switch account based on functional area (Sales vs Admin) or some cost object (e.g. Cost Center, Internal order, WBS etc). You might need user exit for achieving this.

    Hope this helps!


    Vin G

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    • Hi Vin G,

      Thanks for your response... I was also thinking the same as you expressed since we have cost of sales accounting activated. However bit not confident on it, but now I get more confident on that process and also would check for further answers.

      Thanks again for your inputs.