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Oct 07, 2010 at 01:40 PM

404 Not Found Error after 5.2 SP04 Patch04 deployment



Today I did an installation and deployment of the 5.2 SP04 Patch 04 to one of our standalone

SAP ME Application Servers. The installation and deployment worked without any error.

However afterwards I could not login to SAP ME on the patched server.

I get a 404 Not found error page after entering my site, login and password. The page I am being redirected

to is http://<appserver>:50000/manufacturing/j_security_check?VALIDATE=true

The real funny thing started right after when I discovered that my other SAP ME Application Server (Which has

not been patched and is on 5.2 SP04 Patch03) started showing the same error message.

Anybody has an idea on what is going on?


Johan Nordebrink