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Oct 07, 2010 at 09:00 AM



Hi Team,

My scenario is as below:

I have created two logical components:

ZLC1: SL1:200 (DEV) ->SL1:300(QA) ---->SL1:400(PRD)

ZLC2:SL1:210(DEV) ->SL1:300(QA) --->SL1:400(PRD)

All the above five clietns are created within a single system (System ID:SL1, Solution Manager System) to activate ChaRM.

SDCR and SDHF is working fine.

Requirement is:

When i execute the action "Set-in Development" at first time, it is giving me the pop-up to select the development system as per the logical component. First time i have selected 200 client. I have create the transport & released the transport. Now would like to create one more transport request in another development client (210 client). I was under the uderstanding that, when i execute the action "Create Transport Request", system will give me a pop-up to selec the development client. But system by default takes me to the earlier development client (200).

How to change this default selection of the client login?

Note: The functional requirement is, all the custimizing to be done in 200 client and all ABAP developments to be done in 210 client. So i need this option.

Your guidance required.