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Oct 07, 2010 at 05:46 AM

Troubleshooting Lock Table Overflow error



Can someone explain me each values of the below enqueue statistics as reported in SM12?

Enqueue Operations 103055771

rejected 2009066

Error occured 327526

Dequeue Operations 21381539

Error occured 0

Dequeue All Operations 49049125

Cleanup Operations 7

Backup Operations 3860467

Read Operations 28391758

Compress Operations 0

Verify Operations 0

Records written 24376225

to the backup file 23919598

Lock Owner Table, Size 456627

Maximum Fill level 460

Current Fill Level 112

Size of Lock Arguments Table 456627

Maximum Fill level 456626

Current Fill Level 1387

Lock Entries Table, Size 456627

Maximum Fill level 456626

Current Fill Level 1403

Update, fill level at maximum 114

Current Fill Level 0

Time in Lock Table /Seconds 5353.672306s

Wait for Lock Table /Seconds 5273.102137s

Time in Lock Server /Seconds 10925.006514s

I have noticed that the below user has used most of the locks.

450 MYG00382 03:07:50 U 10/07 03:21:11 Nr_of_Locks:456526 Scope: 2 0 450

Will the number of lock entries correspond to lock arguments in the lock table/enqueue statitics?

There has been a lock table overflow error in our system and we need to figure out what has happended?

Can you please help?

with regards,