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Oct 06, 2010 at 08:21 PM

Monitor Document Volume - ST10


Hi Experts,

We need to monitor the minimum entries documents (records) in the table.

For this, we are using the monitor: Document Volume.

Doing the tests we identified that this monitor uses the data of the transaction ST10.

In this case our doubt is:

Why is the transaction ST10, the column monitored is "Rows" which is the sum of columns "Prepares +

Requests " ? It doesn't reflect the real quantity of the inserts in the table.

During the realization of the tests, we observated the column that really reflects the amount of

inserts in the table is the column "Requests". The Column "Request" reflects the same quantity of the inserts into a table when it is compared whith the same table in SE16 Transaction.

Why does Document Volume check the column "Rows" and not the

column "Request" for verification of quantity of inserts into a table?

Anyone help us in this question?


Marcos Aurélio