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Mar 04, 2019 at 09:01 PM

Calculation View - access from Lumira - HANA 2 SPS03 - XSA



it might be a silly question but not sure if I really understood the concept very well.

I've created a couple of calculation views and I would like to consume them via Lumira.

Within the hdi container I've created a default_access_role which should provide access to the calculation views.

What needs to be done for users to consume those calculation views? Do they need to be users in the HANA database or would a user in XSA be enough? I can't find the role somewhere in XSA - but can find it in the roles available on the HANA database. With a database user and that role the consumtion of the calculation view works - but is it really needed to create each user directly on the HANA?

Assuming each consumer of the views are available in Windows AD - would it be possible to attach Windows AD that way to the HANA that I do not need to create the users manually? And would it be possible to match certain rights automatically based on the profile in Windows AD?

Thanks a lot for helping me out..