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Oct 06, 2010 at 01:17 PM

--no value-- in all LOV in WEBI view mode


Hi all,

we have encountered a serious problem about generating and viewing LOVs in our Web Intelligence.

After moving from one server to another using Import Wizard: Environment - BIAR - Environment, we lost our LOVs in WEBI only in view mode (all 3 modes - Interactive, web, PDF). All LOVs in promtps are empty, just "no value" there.

In creation mode - Advanced (Java) it is all good, LOVs are generating, updating, everything is fine.

Desktop Intelligence works fine also.

here is our setup:

BO Enterprise, product version

Oracle 10g 64bit

MS Windows Server 2003 R2 64bit

We have tried:

regenerating LOVs in universes and reexporting

checking LOVs as Export with universe, and Automatic refresh before use

dropping and regenerating them again

clearing, turning off and turning on Cache for reports and universes

restarting all servers

increasing Cache memory for LOVs and universes

deleting LOV files

checking JAVA ( and clearing its cache

and some more,

but nothing worked.

We found this issue in many other forums around the web, even in about two forums here, but no advices worked.

It is a little disappointing problem, because all standard users are unable to use LOVs in prompts.

Thank you, Martin

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