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Oct 06, 2010 at 09:13 AM

Mass update of BUT000-Z field, but can't use FM BAPI_BUPA_CENTRAL_CHANGE


After a data load we have realised that one of the Z fields has not been populated with data and so as a result of this I am attempting to write a quick program to update this Z field. The field is located in table BUT000, but of course I need to update this using the appropriate FM rather than direct table update.

There seems to be a few' BUT000' FM's and a number of 'CRM_BUPACHANGE' FM's as well. Has anyone used an FM for such an update before?. I think I need to identify the best FM for the job.

I have also looked at FM BAPI_BUPA_CENTRAL_CHANGE as well, but that does NOT contain the Z field to change.

With regards

J Sapora