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Oct 05, 2010 at 03:46 PM

Additionnal tab in cproject and new web dynpro component


Hello everyone, I need your help for my new component WebDynpro for cProjects.

This is the first time that I touch WebDynpro and cProjects.

My requirement :

- Add an additional tab in cProjects (project level)

- Add matchcode specific for each area of the additionnal tab

- Show the values in these areas are in the table

- Make an update if the user to change values.

I did:

- Create the include append CI_DPR_PROJECT in the standard table DPR_PROJECT

- Attached my matchcodes-specific

- Create a WebDynpro component (I helped DPR_CUST_EXT_INTF_DEMO)

- do the point of custo for added to my tab


- My new tab appears in cProjects

- All my screen areas are well

- The matchcodes work, and display data from ECC

I can not do:

- Display the values of areas CI_DPR_PROJECT in additionnal tab

- Update the data by cProjects (values writed by the user).

I redid my WebDynpro using this doc: Applications Integration

This example works well and is displayed by the Web Dynpro application, but when I connected to cProjects, I have a dump:

Error when generating component ZWD_ALV_DEMO. It does not implement the interface of the component DPR_CUST_EXT_INTF. (Component used: DPR_CUSTOMER_EXT, use the component: & MSGV4)

I'm not another ideas: (

How is it to link areas cprojets this tab to include additional CI_DPR_PROJECT append to the data content for the project concerned are reassembled in cProjects and can be updated from cProjects?

If you have a demo link on this type of action between ECC and cProjects I'm interested.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

PS: Sorry for my English