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Oct 05, 2010 at 10:30 AM

Appraisal Objects created in 'Approved' Planning status


Good day,

When creating Appraisal Template objects, they are created in 'Approved' Planning Status. We want them created in 'Active' Planning Status. We suspect this is the reason why we can't configure/define the process configuration for our template under IMG path: Personnel Management > Personnel Development > Objective Setting and Appraisals > Define Tabs and Process Configuration for Template. The system gives the following error message: "No process defined for form <template name>"

We've tried using program RHAKTI00 to make these objects (VA VB VC) active but are facing a further issue that it makes appraisal template unreleased. Vice versa when i released the template, it makes objects planning status to reset to approved from active. A similar issue has been posted in the below thread but an answer was not provided.

Objects created in 'Approved' Planning status

Kindly assist.

Best regards