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Oct 04, 2010 at 05:27 PM

Installation of GTS on same server with SAP ECC



I was told by several SAP GTS consultants, that GTS has to be always installed on a different server than R3 or ECC, that it is never recommended for customers to run it on same server, in a separate client, for performance reasons. But now I found in the GTS80 Master guide this:

"u2022 Installation of SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services on a separate system

u2022 Installation of SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services on the on the same operating system/database system of another SAP solution, for example, the SAP ERP. Then SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services must run in a separate client."

I cant find any OSS note where this would be further specified, when it is recommendable to run GTS on same server.

Is it now possible or not?

If yes:

- Where is this possibilities described more in detail? Any OSS note?

- Is the same server version possible only for smaller companies? Are there limitations because of the number of needed workprocesses and memory?

- Is it possible to install GTS on same server in an already productive ECC system or only at initial set up?

It would be great, if somebody could help me clarify this. Is anybody of you running GTS on same server like R3?