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Oct 04, 2010 at 08:49 AM

IDoc Packaging + Ack ALEAUD => bad behavior ?



I'm in version PI 7.11 and I'm studying the IDoc packaging of EhP1 with Acknowledgment (ALEAUD).

My scenario is a basic one: File -> PI --> ECC (100 idocs). And then ECC returns Ack.

So for the returned Acknowledgment, I have that:

- on ECC, I did ALE config, and I run programs RBDSTATE / RSEOUT00 to create one IDoc ALEAUD (Ack).

- In PI, I use a sender CC (Idoc adapter) by using option "Idoc Packaging".

- In PI, I use a Sender Agreement with Idoc ECC's ALEAUD and this sender CC.

- In PI, I use program IDX_ALEREQUEST on ECC's ALEAUD idoc.

My problem is:

ECC send me ONE idoc ALEAUD which contains 100 segments corresponding to 100 Idocs received at the first step. BUT even if I used the "Idoc Packaging"... in IDX5 of PI, I have not one idoc ALEAUD, but I have 100 Idocs ALEAUD !

And so after that my mapping is run 100 times instead of one ! Image if I need to return an email... with this PI behaviour, I will send 100 "Ack" emails.

So does somebody know why IDoc Packaging does not work with ALEAUD whereas program IDX_ALEREQUEST is correctly used ?



Note: I don't want to have to create a BPM to collect my ALEAUD Idocs. That's too heavy...

And (for the moment), I don't want to create a specific ZALEAUD idoc...