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Oct 01, 2010 at 08:18 PM

Permission problems in Federated Portal Setup


Hello SDNers,

I am trying to setup Federation between two portals. Both the portals are in the same domain and use the same LDAP user data source.

Both the portals are on NW 7.0 EHP1 SP 05.

I am following the online help and few other links. I have followed all the steps explained.

SSO and trust between portals is properly setup and is validated.

The point where I am stuck at is with the permissions on the producer portal for the "Guest" user.

If I assign Super Admin role to the Guest user in the producer portal, every thing works fine. I can see the roles in Consumer portal for Remote Role Assignment and also I am able to do Remote Delta Links.

However, this is not anticipated. (We cannot assign super admin to Guest user)

If I remove the Super Admin role to the Guest user in the producer portal, every thing breaks - I cannot see the remote roles from Consumer portal, I cannot see any content under Netweaver Content Producers for the given producer.

I have given "Everyone" group - read access to everything below "Portal Content" folder both on producer and consumer portals.

PCD_Service user is assigned the actions Remote_Producer_Write_Access and Remote_Producer_Read_Access in both portals.

Log says:

Call failed 
SOAP Fault Exception (Actor SAPEPP) com.sapportals.portal.prt.service.soap.exception.SoapFaultHandler] : The User Authentification is not correct to access to the Portal Service or the service was not found.

My Questions are:

1. What does Guest user have to do in the whole process - Where it is exactly used ?

2. How can I give Guest user the required permissions (especially to portal service ?

Please suggest.

Thank You ,

Raj Kumar