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Oct 01, 2010 at 03:50 PM

Access Sybase IQ 15 from BO XI 3.1



We have a BO XI 3.1 deployment on Linux. We need to access data from Sybase IQ 15 urgently. However the Sybase IQ 15 driver only works with Windows client (Designer, Desktop Intelligence (2-tier)) but not on the (Linux) server.

I understand Sybase IQ 15 is not officially supported. From my investigation, I notice the connectionServer directory only includes and which requires or (and other libraries of the same version) from the database ODBC driver. The libraries in the Sybase IQ 15 client, however, are all version 11 (i.e. When running a report with Sybase IQ 15 connection, one will always get the following error because the libraries of that specific version doesn't exist in the IQ 15 client:

DBDriver failed to load : /.../dataAccess/RDBMS/connectionServer/ open failed: No such file or directory

I just wonder if we can tweak BO to make IQ 15 driver work. Here is what I'm thinking:

1. Put to the connectionServer directory

2. Configure BO to add a new database (Sybase ASIQ 15) in the ODBC layer and make it use for the connection.

Can any expert in this forum advise:

1. Is the above workaround a feasible approach?

2. Where to configure to tell the report engines to use instead of libdbd_dbodbc9/ (I tried to look around but couldn't find the place)?

Any help is highly appreciated.