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Oct 01, 2010 at 05:03 AM

Splitting of Inspection Lot to different Warehouses even still in Q-stock?


Dear Experts,

I am new in this Community Network Forum and I would like to ask for your help.

We have the situation that we want to split the inspection lot before we do the User Decision and we want to transfer the batch into different external warehouse.

Our own warehouse is to small and we know one day before GR from production to warehouse how we have to split the lot but we can not make the UD because the Q-result process takes longer.

We ship it and then if the Q-result is bad the relevant warehouse destroys it. Right now we manage it via Excel sheet. But now we get a new platform ECC 6.0 and more products so we would like to improve the situation.

We were thinking to make the split during the time of GR but then we would get according the split several inspection lot and then we would to have to register the results several time. This would increase significantly the QM-work.

The other idea was to post it into the blocked stock (skip UD) and make stock transfers but Business did not approve this approach either.

Do you know another pragmatic way how to split the batch even if the stock is still in the Q-stock and to transfer it to different warehouses?

Thanks for your input,

Best regards,

Heinz Franz Scherz