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Sep 30, 2010 at 04:47 PM

system copy fails - SAPCAR cannot extract MIGMON.SAR before export starts


Using NW 7.0 SR3 install master CD to do a system copy export.

Before export even starts, sapinst tries to use SAPCAR to extract the migration monitor from the archive file MIGMON.SAR.

The exact command is "E:\usr\sap\SAPinst\NW04S\LM\COPY\DB4\EXP\CENTRAL\AS-ABAP\EXP\SAPCAR -x -v -g -i -R E:\usr\sap/SAPinst/NW04S/LM/COPY/DB4/EXP/CENTRAL/AS-ABAP/EXP -f C:\TEMP\MASTER\BS_2005_SR3_SAP_Installation_Master\IM_OS400_PPC64\COMMON\INSTALL\MIGMON.SAR,"

The error is "SAPCAR: no archives specified for extracting (error 29). No such file or directory".

Above, E: is the drive mapped from the AS/400 by sapinst and C: is my laptop's local drive where i'm running sapinst.

I checked and the file "C:\TEMP\MASTER\BS_2005_SR3_SAP_Installation_Master\IM_OS400_PPC64\COMMON\INSTALL\MIGMON.SAR" definitely exists.

Has anyone successfuly exported a NW 7.0 SR3 system on iSeries? Did you face this same issue and how did you resolve it?