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Sep 30, 2010 at 03:31 PM

3 valuations in Material ledger



My client's requirement is as follows:

1) Legal valuation has to be in Local currency but on Actual Costing

2) Profit Center Valuation in Local currency but on standard costing - same as Group valuation

3) Group Valuation in Group currency in standard costing - Group valuation

Is this possible when, Actual costing Material ledger implemented?

I imagin, Legal valuation field in Material Master will be updated by periodic unit price when we run CKMLCP. Then Profit center valuation field in the Material Master will be updated when we run CK40N in standard costing PC valuation costing run. Then again we will run ck40n in standard costing for Group valuation to update Group valuation in Material Master.

If my client opts to run ck40n for legal valuation, then he should also be able to mark and release standard cost new price, in Legal valuation field of material master and actual costing will not release standard price for new period.

The requirement is typically complicated, as my client wants to maintain his Global template, though one country comes under actual costing requirement.

I would like to dig out answers from real time experience please.