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Former Member
Sep 30, 2010 at 02:17 PM

Bex Report Designer is not previewing changes in QA


Hi All,

Please help... i am getting an unusual problem with bex report designer. I have created a bex report using report designer. This was then transported in to QA. In QA i opened my created report using report designer and clicked the print version button to preview the report in PDF format. This all worked correclty, however i noticed a spelling mistake in one of the custom text fields i am using.

So i put the report in a transport in dev, made the changes in dev and previewed in dev. Everything is ok here and i can see the change i made.

After this i transported the report to QA and when i open the report in report designer to preview the data i can see in design mode that the custom text field does HAVE the change i made so it is correct. The problem i am getting is though when i preview to see in PDF format the image i get is of the old preview with the spelling mistake.

SInce i have made more changes and i can see the changes in DEV and in QA in design mode but when i preview it shows me the old image from the 1st preview.

Please can anyone shed any light into this issue.

Kind regards