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Sep 30, 2010 at 12:28 PM

Change of resource type from multimixed to single mixed in productivesystem



As per my knowledge only way to change resource type from multi to single is delete it from APO correct workcenter setting in ECC(can be used by sevral operation or number of individual capacity). and then retransfer the same.

I have below questions?

1. Whether there can be multi resourc`e with individual capacity 1?

2. If Resource is transfered as multi with individual capacity as one(by marking only can be used by sevral operations) and capacity consumption mentioned in PDS is also one will it behave just like single resource?

3. If I will create new work center and transfer to APO, then replace it in all routings and retransfer PDS will there be any problem in existing firmed receipts(production order, process orders). At least new orders will pick up new resource.

4. I came to know that from SCM 7.0 it is not possible to have multi resource with individual capacity as 1? - Just want confirmation is it true?