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Sep 30, 2010 at 12:02 PM

Runtime Error in B2B application logon!



I am working on a custom SAP B2B application. The B2B version is 7.0 SP19.

We have done a SAP upgrade to ECC6 in the backend ABAP system. After the SAP upgrade in dev and quality portals, the development portal is working fine. But, in the quality portal, the customer number was not getting passed to the backend ABAP system. So, we did a portal transport for the SHRWEB-B2B component and its associated CUSTCRM component from Dev to Q. After this transport, we did a comparison for the deployed versions in dev and Q. Both are found to be exactly the same.

But after the transport, I am getting 'Runtime Error - Contact your system administrator' error while logging into the Quality portal. The same application works fine in the development portal. When we reverted the transport, the runtime error is not seen but the customer number is not getting passed to the ABAP system.

I checked the XCM configuration. Both the dev and Q have similar settings in XCM configuration.

Please help!