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Sep 30, 2010 at 08:00 AM

Tax code muliple account keys



due to legal requirement in Portugal (IRS), we configured a special account key (ZSE) with a special condition type (ZWAS - access sequence MWST) in FTXP.

Everything was working fine with 20% in VST and 20% in ZSE.

Now the rates did change in this country, we should have 21% in VST and 21,5% in ZSE.

The problem is that in the MIRO, SAP tells that there is a balance. The amount of this balance is equal to 2*0,5% of the amount (so I guess the 0,5 coming from (21,5-21) both at credit and debit side.

But I don't understand why it's not working properly.

when I want to navigate to the tab "Tax" in MIRO, I get a shortdump.

DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION - The program has been interrupted and cannot resume.

Program "SAPLTAX1" attempted to display fields on screen 0501.

An error occurred during the conversion of this data.

An other strange thing is that when we simulate, the lines are calculating accoring to what we expect.

I was thinking it is because the percentages are not the same, so I tried with 21,5% in VST and 21% in ZSE and it's working without any problem.

That also means that the amount to be paid to the vendor is lower than the base amount (on which the VAT is calculated).

So is it a check made somewhere in SAP in order to check that situation has to be avoid ?

Is it something missing in the configuration of the account key or condition type we didn't see before ?

Thank you to help me if you have any information or ideas on that topic