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Mar 02, 2019 at 02:04 AM

S4 1610 EWM alternate unit of measure causing rounding error wont PGI



We are running into rounding errors, and ODO will not pgi. Material master is maintained in FT2 as base unit and dimension independent alternate unit of CAR, such as 750 FT2= 1 CAR.

Production reported 143 FT2 or 143/750 = 0.190667 CAR of this product > > SAP rounds it to 3 decimal places, 0.191 CAR is what is received in the warehouse (MMBE =143 FT2 and Warehouse 0.191 CAR). At the time of goods issue SAP will be doing the conversion again into base unit. So if you have a delivery of 0.191 CAR, then EWM will select this quantity but the system will be looking to goods issue 0.191 CAR = 750 x 0.191 = 143.25 FT2. As you can see in this example, rounding back to base unit has introduced 0.25 FT2 of this product. Which is not available to goods issue, thus the error message of deficit ***.

Dear experts, please provide some suggestions to resolve this issue.