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Sep 30, 2010 at 01:43 AM

Talent Management - TM - Trex 7.1 - Delta Indexing


luke.....are you out there??

congrats on your blog being featured right on the SDN homepage... very nice...

and congrats to Chris on his first two excellent blogs....

all 3 blogs are very helpful since there is little information available out there on these topics...

so we've been testing the delta indexing program very heavily - ESH_IX_PROCESS_CHANGE_POINTERS

we have found that it does not appear to be able to index new hires (new central_person index does not pick up the new CP). The only way this data can be indexed is by running a full re-index. That is problematic for us, b/c we were hoping to only do full re-indexing 1 a week or even 1 a month. our indexes take 2-3 hrs to complete and trex searching is pretty much inoperable during that time.

Have you tested new hires with delta indexing? it seems as a gap in the change_pointers program. We opened up OSS message to SAP.

some additional thoughts working with the program, relative to your blog. I would highly recommend that anyone testing this makes sure the following notes are implemented in your system. The first one is the most recent and we ourselves did not have that implemented.

1. 0.350 BC-EIM-ESH 1441190 Error in model assignments to logical system 24.02.2010

2. 0.230 BC-EIM-ESH 1408655 Alerts in syntax check due to unused indexes 18.11.2009

3. 0.260 PA-TM 1395703 Positions and termination are missing for indexing 30.10.2009

4. 0.330 BC-EIM-ESH 1249482 Functional corrections for Enterprise Search 7.01 SP03 26.01.2009

Another area which we found from testing: SAP by default does not delta index structural authority view. What this means is that if a new talent specialist is added with 741 relationship there access to see that structure will not be available in TREX search by default delta indexing. This would also impact existing organizations and positions shifted under existing 741 relationships.

The information in spro is actually quite helpful, you can find it in: talent management and talent development > basic settings > search > BAdI: Activate Delta Indexing for Authorization Data

Activtate the BADI, than the program to "create the change pointers" must run periodically in your system. This is done with RPTMC_CREATE_CHANGEPOINT_AUTH. Once that program creates the change pointers the next time your scheduled delta program runs (ESH_IX_PROCESS_CHANGE_POINTERS) all of the structural auths will be created and indexed correctly.

If we can just now get new hires to work with ESH_IX_PROCESS_CHANGE_POINTERS we will probably only run the full re-index once a week or once a month.

Let me know your thoughts,


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