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Sep 29, 2010 at 10:57 AM

Availability Check at sub component level


Hi SD Gurus,

I have a issue on arriving at material availability date in sales order by checking the availability of sub components. The details of this issue are given below.

Take the example where we have a:-

Casting with a purchasing lead time of 40 days

Machined component made from that casting with a machining lead time of 10 days

Assembly using that machined part with an assembly lead time if 1 day

Assuming that there are no castings or machined parts available then the total lead time for that assembly is 40101 = 51 days

If castings are available then lead time is 10+1 = 11 days etc.

ASSY A contains, (Manufactured Material with BOM & Route)

PART B and is made from, (Manufactured Material with BOM & Route)

CASTING C (Factored Product)

Our SAP does not accumulate these lead times to give a product lead time when a Sales Order is added, instead it only gives the lead time on the part on the Sales order u2013 in this case 1 day.(Material Availability date)

Hope this explains the problem.


Vinod Y