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Sep 29, 2010 at 10:02 AM

Replication of technical Object. Error in ecrmrepl


Hello together,

i want to replicate an Connection Object and POD from CRM 7.0 to IS-U . As mentioned in the Setup and Load Guide (SLG) i created the master data templates from the type CRMCONNOBJ_ALONE and CRM_POD_INST.

Both of the master data templates are running without an error in the testmode.The data are created.

When I try to create a Connection Object and a POD in the CRM WebUI I can see the BDOCs from the type SI_POD and SI_CONNOBJ are in the green state.

When I call up the transaction ecrmrepl I m getting the following error:

Error in the receiving inspection at creating of the object Premise (Verbrauchsstelle)

"Fehler bei der Eingabeprüfung beim Anlegen des Objekts Verbauchsstelle)

Fill out a Connection Object

"Geben Sie ein Anschlussobjekt ein"

The error occours in the master data from the master data template CRM_POD_INST.

In the transaction ecrmrepl I can see the transmitted data. In the field EUI_TPLNR there is a number of the connection object.

This connection object is created. I m using transaction ES57 to call it up checking the data.

The message Fill out a connection object is confusing me, cause in the ecrmrepl i can see the number of the connection object.

If you have an Idea whats going wrong, just tell it.

Thank you very much..