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Sep 29, 2010 at 09:38 AM

Error RCIRAS0546, failure occured while the report was being processed


Hello all,

We use Crystal Reports 2008 V1 server on Linux. With 2 reports now we get the error when viewing the report from the Central Management Console (CMC)

"Your request could not be completed because a failure occurred while the report was being processed. Please contact your system administrator. [RCIRAS0546]"

In de /var/log/messages, I get messages like these:

Sep 28 17:37:30 vsrv01 boe_crprocd[25630]: A failure occurred while the server was processing report file 2:11154 (RCIRAS0568)

Sep 28 17:37:40 vsrv01 boe_crprocd[25630]: A failure occurred while the server was processing report '10. LEN Rapportage per scenario (kapitaallasten, investeringen, algemene gegevens) (V1)' (id=11154) for user 12 (RCIRAS0567)

I tried several parameters on the CrystalReportsProcessingServer, like increasing/decreasing the Maximum Current Jobs and Number of Prestarted Children. None of these make a difference. Als the error occurred when viewing the report as Administrator.

The reports has a dynamic parameter, wtih content coming from the database (drop-down list). When selecting one value the report is viewing fine. With a selection of more values the error occurred. In Crystal Reports 2008 there is no problem.

I restarted the CRProcessingServer with -trace. In the trace I see the following lines:

It seems that several subprocesses start for retrieving data based on the parameter values.

After the crash of the first child, the above mentioned error occurs.

2010/09/28 15:37:23.075|==| | |25630|1474829200| |||||||||||||||(ProcWorkerManager.cpp:82) PageChildDesc constructor (id=3)

2010/09/28 15:37:23.075|==| | |25630|1474829200| |||||||||||||||(ProcWorkerManager.cpp:5489) doCreateChild() created a new child 3

2010/09/28 15:37:30.011|==| | |25630|1474562960| |||||||||||||||(ProcWorkerManager.cpp:6814) cleanupChildren() starting

2010/09/28 15:37:30.011|==| | |25630|1474562960| |||||||||||||||[ProcWorkerManager.cpp : 6854] RAS-CORE-METRICS (before cleanup) number of child processes = 3

2010/09/28 15:37:30.011|==| | |25630|1474562960| |||||||||||||||(ProcWorkerManager.cpp:6979) child id=1 crashed

2010/09/28 15:37:30.011|==| | |25630|1474562960| |||||||||||||||(ProcWorkerManager.cpp:6994) cleanupChildren() removing child id=1

2010/09/28 15:37:30.012|==| | |25630|1474562960| |||||||||||||||(ProcWorkerManager.cpp:101) PageChildDesc destructor (id=1)

2010/09/28 15:37:30.012|==| | |25630|1474562960| |||||||||||||||(ProcWorkerManager.cpp:7028) cleanupChildren() marking as stopped: worker id=1 in child id=1

2010/09/28 15:37:30.012|==| | |25630|1474562960| |||||||||||||||(ProcWorker.cpp:2703) stopping worker id=1

2010/09/28 15:37:30.012|==| | |25630|1474562960| |||||||||||||||(ProcWorkerManager.cpp:7168) cleanupChildren() ending

Does someone know this problem and what to do about this?

With kind regards,

Pim van Stam