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Sep 29, 2010 at 08:47 AM

Payroll Driver Form


Dear experts,

I am stuck at my current assignment. I have to copy the payroll driver and replace the form with a custom made smartform. I copied the program (RPCALCN0 - Netherlands Payroll Driver) and i'm looking through the code. this has to work in Test run and Normal run.

Here is the hard part: When calling the smartform, the data CAN NOT come from the clusters. When you run the payroll driver you can perform a testrun which will show you the data, even show a form but the whole time this data is stored into the program itself. I have been searching for the code and all i found where the includes that somehow initialize the form before there is data and the include that gets the actual payroll data and calculates the wagetypes.

If anyone has any idea or suggestion that can help me, i'll be glad to listen.



PS: The includes i mentioned =

RPCHRT09 - initializing the form

RPCGET00 - getting the general data

RPCGETN0 - data for the netherlands