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Sep 28, 2010 at 07:11 PM

Oracle 11g Upgrade PLUS the SBP - When to run catsbp.sql?


My Database is

I've installed I've ran the to apply all of the 39 patches in the SBP ( 201009).

The next step in the README-SBP.html instructions is to run catsbp.sql and rmsbp.sql scripts. Then, I still need to follow all the steps in the README-PSU.html instructions in order to complete the SBP procedure.

The Oracle 11g Upgrade Guide in section 3.4.5 doesn't really cover where you should stop in the SBP process, just the opposite. It says to follow the README instructions. But it doesn't seem right to run catsbp.sql and rmsbp.sql for the SBP when I haven't yet run DBUA to upgrade to, unpatched.

Bouncing around between the Upgrade Guide to the Notes to the README's makes it hard to tell what should be run a what point.

Has anyone worked through this process and can provide some clarity?