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Sep 28, 2010 at 10:15 AM

DFM Description synchronization (SHORT_TEXT) - Language problem


Hi everyone,

We discovered DFM last week and used it to synchronize the RPM attributes and the cProject attributes and it works fine. Well, nearly fine. The only problem we have is with the Descrition (SHORT_TEXT) from cProject task to the Description of RPM element. In the other way (RPM to cProject) it works fine.

After long hours of debugging, I found out the problem comes from the language. The text exists in English, but at one point in the process the text is read in French and then it is not found. Indeed, we work in Belgium and the customer asked for the portal to be only accessible in French, it is not possible to use it in English.

So the thing is, as the portal is in French, it is king of logical that text is searched in French, but then why is it previously stored in English ? Does this problem comes from a bad configuration of the portal ? Does it come from a bug in DFM ? Maybe it comes from the customization of RPM or cProject ?

Hope you can help, I would love not to have to enhance SAP.. Again..

Thanks in advance.