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Sep 28, 2010 at 09:32 AM

LSMW -BAPI - hazardous substances


Hi colleagues,

Iam trying to upload hazardous substances with LSMW. I am using a BAPI method with:

Business Object BUS1077


Message Type SUBMAS

Basic Type SUBMAS01

I have been able to upload a substance, but only with header data. I am trying now to upload the identifiers. They are in a diferent structure in the IDOC taht result of processing the LSMW.

I have been reading a lot of "multiple lines" threads in this forum, and I have tried all ther opation: one file or two files...but i am not able to run correctly in any case.

I am going to explain my present situation, hope some of you could help me.

  • Source structures: 2 differents and the identifiers one in the lower level than the header one. (not at the same level because then the system will shown a message when assign structures and int eh convert step)

  • Source fields: each structure with their fields. I have add a rec_type field as the first field in each structure and assign the value 1 (header) and 2 respectly. Later, to each field also i have completed the Identifing Field Content.

  • Structure relations: the header one to the segment E1BP1077RH and the item one to E1BP1077RI

*Field mapping

*Specify files: i have specify 2 differents files: one for the header information and one for the identifiers. Bot with the rec_type as first field.

I know that the relation between both segments is in the fields: RECN and RECNROOT. Then, the header field has the RECORD_NO for the header and the item has a RECORD_NO for each new line for each identifiers. And all the lines for the identifiers have the RECNROOT the same value than the RECORD_NO from the header.

  • Assign files

Then, when import data, say me:

Source Structure Read Written Not Written



So, as the system has not created the item lines in the file, later only the header segment is created, so the substance is uploaded only with the header data.

What i am doing wrong?

I would appreciate your help. I have spent already a lot of time in this investigation.

Many thanks in advance