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Mar 03, 2019 at 08:48 PM

SAP PO 7.5 Interface determination does not yield actual interface



I am facing the error "Interface determination does not yield actual interface". I am putting the below condition in the iflow:

(Xpath./p1:ASC810_005010/S_ISA/S_GS/S_ST/L_N1/S_N1/D_98 = "FR") - Mapping1

(Xpath./p1:ASC810_005010/S_ISA/S_GS/S_ST/L_N1/S_N1/D_98 = "BY") - Mapping 2

Scenario is : EDI 850 (External Definition)--> Orders Idoc

1) sender outbound interface pattern is : Stateless(XI 3.0 Compatible).Iflow is using non-specific operation.

2) namespace of external definition and coming message is also same.The only difference is ns: versus ns0:.

<ns0:ASC850_005010 xmlns:ns0="http://..../B2B/LES">

<ns:ASC850_005010 xmlns:ns="http://...../B2B/LES">

3) I couldn't remove the S/w component version of Sender interface(as indicated in some of the blogs) as it doesn't allow me to give mapping if i keep it as Dummy interface.

5) i am doing an interface split in iflow and providing the above conditions with the mapping.

6) I also tried the following variation in condition, but interface always chooses mapping2 if i give the same condition with != operator. I also tried Non-exists function but that is giving the error

(Xpath./p1:ASC810_005010/S_ISA/S_GS/S_ST/L_N1/S_N1/D_98 = "FR") - Mapping1

(Xpath./p1:ASC810_005010/S_ISA/S_GS/S_ST/L_N1/S_N1/D_98 != "FR") - Mapping 2

(EXISTS(Xpath./p1:ASC810_005010/S_ISA/S_GS/S_ST/L_IT1/S_SDQ) AND Xpath./p1:ASC810_005010/S_ISA/S_GS/S_ST/L_N1/S_N1/D_98 = "FR") - Mapping1

(Xpath./p1:ASC810_005010/S_ISA/S_GS/S_ST/L_N1/S_N1/D_98 != "FR") - Mapping 2

Please help.