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Sep 27, 2010 at 02:42 PM

Three-angular flow problem



I have problem with billing status in sales order in three-angular flow.

When line is partially delivered, ord-related billing status is u201Cfully invoicedu201D but should be

u201Dpartial invoiceu201D.

So for eg client ordered 10, but supplier delivered directly to him 8 pcs.

We received invoice for 8 pcs so the invoice reception status is u201CPartial invoice rcptu201D:

8,000 pcs Posted; 2,000 pcs Open - so OK.

We also issue invoice to the customer, so the Order-related bill status should be u201CPartial invoiceu201D 8,000 pcs Billed; 2,000 pcs Open. But it is:

Fully invoiced 8,000 pcs Billed 0,000 pcs open

What can be reason of this strange system behavior?

Thanks for all tips 😉