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Sep 27, 2010 at 02:03 PM

Idoc to multiple file...


Hi Experts,

My Scenario is : Idoc to File We are using PI 7.1..

Requirement is when i trigger an Idoc, at the target end at one location some fields of Idoc needs to be dropped as an .txt file and some fields of idoc needs to be dropped as an XML file in the other location of same FTP server.

Eg: If Idoc has 40 fields, in the txt file first 30 fields and in the XML file lat 30 fields needs to be dropped there is no condition checked for dropping the files, when an idoc triggers the contents of IDocs needs to be passed to both text and as well as XML file.

The file names for the both should be dynamically configured.

In ESR: --> Idoc needs to be imported, one data type for text file and another data type for xml file. so 2 data types & 2 message types, 2 services interfaces, one message mapping ( Need to use Multi Mapping), one Operation mapping.

In ID: --> My doubts: How many receiver communication channels are required? As we are using multi mapping i think we need to use only one reciver comm channel ( Correct me if i am wrong).

what are the other configurations required here the receiver system is one so one reciever determination and one interface determination.

Note: File names for both the files ( Text and XML) needs to be dynamically configured.

Suggest me whcih one should be used either Variable substitution or Dynamic UDF..

Your valuable inputs are appreciated..