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Sep 27, 2010 at 11:24 AM

Problem regarding Dynamic Text at the end of SmartForm in the main Window


Hi Experts,

I am new to SmartForms and I am facing a strange problem while debugging a report which uses SmartForms for Printing. There are 3 forms which are getting called in the report. I have checked the structure of all the 3 forms. These 3 forms are getting populated by passing dynamic values to them through the report.

The problem is, a dynamic statement gets generated at the end of the form while printing the smart form which is not present in the report and it is neither present in the structure of the smart form. I am unable tyo figure out from where this statement is coming.

Can anyone please suggest how can I comment out that information which is getting generated at the end of the form ?

P.S. : The dynamic statement is getting generated at the end of the main window with standard text.