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Feb 28, 2019 at 10:43 AM

SAP WebIDE Fullstack: How to monitor Flowgraph execution?

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We are using Smart Data Integration to load data from CSV files using a FileAdapter. The data preview can be seen using the virtual tables created for the data input. Next, to load the data from virtual tables to target HANA tables in the HDI instance, we are using Flowgraphs in the SAP WebIDE Fullstack. However, when executing a flowgraph, it is observed that many times it is stuck and no related information is seen under the 'Tasks' for the related HDI instance.

Is there a better way to monitor the Flowgraph execution?

The flowgraph execution appears stuck as follows:

1. When we execute the Flowgraph, a message can be seen in the WebIDE Console

15:53:23 (/MyApp/db) Start executing FG_BATCH_Customer....

No message for end of execution is seen.

2. Inside the HDI instance of the app opened via the Database Explorer, under Tasks, the Flowgraph is seen but when opened, no information is available:

Any information is highly appreciated.