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Sep 27, 2010 at 04:44 AM

Calibration with refrerence to Master/slip gauges


Dear Gurus


Now I am implementing the calibration. We have different types of instruments & gauges .Here the calibration is done with reference to standard slip gauge set(the number of readings and standard dimensions may vary).

For example:- the min-max range of vernier caliper is 0MM to 200MM.any 10(more or less readings)will be taken in fix width standard slip gauge(may be vary from 0 to 200.)[This may be 0.5,2.5.,5,17,23u2026u2026.or 1.5,3.5,5.5,12,25u2026u2026etc] the actual reading of the instrument(say-vernier caliper) is check against this standard. This may be 0.59,2.57,5.2u2026u2026.

How to map the variable Standard values in result recording (against to this my recorded values will come)

Kindly help